Our Team

Daniel Sergi

Director of Administration

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Daniel has been in Florida for over thirty years. Growing up in Winter Haven, Daniel has been in the heart of Central Florida and has seen it grow to the great area it is today. As a child of immigrants from Italy, Daniel is fluent in Italian and English and also proficient in French and Spanish. With his degree in Business Management, over twenty years of experience in the financial sector from a Bank Teller to a Licensed Insurance Representative to a Vice-President Branch Manager of a bank with over two billion dollars in assets, and several awards and recognition for outstanding customer service skills, Daniel himself is an asset to CDW Electrical Services, Inc.

Chris Brown

Director of Operations

Born and raised right here in Orlando and third generation of Florida natives, Chris has seen Orlando grow to the City Beautiful it is today; from orange groves becoming beautiful residential neighborhoods and dirt roads into major thoroughfares all the while keeping its beautiful Florida charm with its lakes, trees, and breathtaking landscapes. With a long family history of electricians and a career in Logistics and Operations spanning over twenty years with extensive management experience in troubleshooting, dispatching, and fleet maintenance along with superior customer service skills, Chris brings clear direction to CDW Electrical Services, Inc.

Wayne Brown

Director of Electrical Technicians

Born and raised here in Orlando and third generation of Florida natives and electricians, Wayne has been a part of Orlando growing into the City Beautiful. Riding around with his dad and grandfather, Wayne was able to see Orlando grow while learning all the ins and outs of the electrical trade.

With a career spanning over thirty years, from an employee of a small electrical company to the President of his own electrical business, Wayne’s experience in the electrical trade along with his certifications and credentials provide a bright future to CDW Electrical Services, Inc.

Javier Feliciano

Electrical Technician

Originally from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Javier moved to Orlando with his wife in 1993. Javier’s biggest obstacle upon arriving in Florida was obviously the language barrier. He is happy to say that after years of practice and studying, he is now fluent in English along with Spanish. Javier’s interest in electricity began back in Puerto Rico while he was growing up and trying to learn a little bit about of everything. He began to notice that the electrical field really kept sparking his interest, thus began his pursuit to become an electrician. Upon moving to Florida, Javier worked for various electrical contractors until he met Joel Henry in 2002 and became his right-hand man. Javier takes pride in his work and his customers and it definitely shows. We are fortunate to have him on our team here at CDW Electrical Services.

Jeff Brown

Electrical Technician

Born and raised here in Orlando and third-generation of Florida natives, Jeff has been proud to call the City Beautiful his home. Also having grown up with family in the electrical industry, it is not a shock that Jeff would pursue a career in the same field. With a career spanning almost thirty years, Jeff began as an employee of a local electrical contractor moving up to become store manager of a national electrical supplier. Jeff’s experience in the electrical trade and excellent customer service skills are top notch. We are fortunate to have him on our team here at CDW Electrical Services.

Matt Crawford

Electrical Technician Assistant

Born and raised here in Central Florida and first-generation Floridian to United States Navy brats, Matt is happy to call Central Florida his home. Having become his grandfather’s helper in the handyman business when he was a teenager helped Matt realize at an early age that he is more suited for a trades job versus a desk job. Matt’s excellent customer service skills and willingness to work impressed one of their customers, a retired master electrician, that he became Matt’s friend and mentor opening the doors to the electrical field. We are fortunate to have Matt on our team here at CDW Electrical Services.

Jackie Owen

Customer Service Representative

Born and raised right here in Orlando and fourth generation of Florida natives, Jackie is enjoying living in the City Beautiful with her family. Jackie enjoys spending time with her family especially if it includes shopping and Disney. With a long family history of electricians, including her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, it was just a matter of time before she got pulled into the electrical field. With years of providing excellent customer service, Jackie is the perfect addition to the CDW Electrical Services family.